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Author: Samantha Michelle Guzmán

The Paso de Vaqueros tour includes a 100-foot rappel descent.

There are slides here, but they are made of stone instead of colorful plastic surfaces. And you can take a dive, if 12 meters high doesn't intimidate you too much.

We are not talking about any extreme water park. Paso de Vaqueros is a canyoning route located in Guanajuato, which offers you lots of fun in the water and no crowds.

If you're craving a getaway near CDMX and you like adrenaline, this is a great option.

Two things are for sure about the experience: you will test your courage and you will end up soaking wet. However, you don't need to be an expert to do this route.


If you are not familiar with canyoning, here we explain it to you. This adventure sport consists of exploring trails between rock walls that have been naturally shaped on the banks of a river; you will find various obstacles such as areas where you must descend with the help of ropes, natural slides and sections where the only way to advance is by jumping into the water.

The Paso de Vaqueros canyon is located in the semi-desert of the Sierra Gorda of Guanajuato, near San Luis de la Paz. It takes about three hours to hike (depending on the pace and physical condition of the travelers) and you must be accompanied by a guide.

A good part of the route consists of jumping into the water and swimming through emerald-colored pools, surrounded by walls that reach up to 40 meters high. There are short jumps, from just three meters, but the real challenge is to jump from a rock at 12 meters.